how to stay healthy
How To Stay Healthy

how to stay healthy

We are all concerned about our health and as a result. Think about how to get healthy in addition during this COVID-19 situation. Health is a very important thing for our life in other words for society, and everyone during this corona situation. What to follow or what not to be a matter of concern. Don’t worry, here are the top 10 tips to get healthy and stay fit during this time and COVID-19 situation.

01 Drink Enough Water

Please, Drink enough water.

The water is the principal thing to maintain your body, body fat, blood sugar, blood pressure. Keep in mind that normal healthy people drink on an average of 2-3 liters of water for 24 hours. To maintain this state, you have to drink water every hour or half an hour after. Don’t drink too much water at one time.

02 Eat vegetable

During these current situations.

Firstly, you can’t move anywhere as u do on normal days. secondly, for this reason your body cannot do lots of kinds of stuff. For example, exercise or go out and play or go to the gym. As your body is stuck in a way, it consumes a lot of fat and makes you look fat within days. Maintain your body and eat foods to make you look young.

To make it happen, you have to eat lots of vegetables and fruit to maintain yourself. Because in vegetables, it contains more protein, more vitamins, and much more energy despite fat. Because you cannot move and cannot go out. That’s why you have to eat lots of vegetables to make yourself look cool and stay healthy.

03 Eat all kinds of fruits including colorful ones

We all know that food is the main vitamin and nutrient source.

In addition to making ourselves young and stay cool and beautiful. If we eat food, we can develop ourselves in a lot better way. All kinds of fruit are good there for our help.

In other words, if anyone wants to stay healthy.

He/she has to eat colorful fruits for example. Banana, apple, mango, cucumber, orange, pineapple, dragon fruits, and lots of kinds of Berry. These fruits also contain sugar and energy. Fruits containing antioxidants on the other hand prevent harmful oxides in our body. In short, make you look younger and stronger and helps you to stay healthy during the COVID-19 situation.

04 stay out of sugar and salt

You have to remember sugar and salt is good but not good for your health.

Excess eating of sugar may cause some chances for diabetes, high blood pressure. Keep in mind consuming lots of sugar makes you weaker. Sugar converts itself into fat which stays inside the body and regulates insulin production.

Though salt is the main source of iodine but overeating of salt also causes high blood pressure. That’s why both sugar and salt are known as “white poison”. Maintaining the consumption level of sugar and salt is very crucial to stay healthy.

05 wake up in the morning and do some exercise

If you study all the successful people then you will find one thing in common.

They all wake up early in the morning and they all do exercises. Yes, you are right. Do it too. When you wake up in the morning and do some exercise, you boost yourself up and feel a lot of energetics all day long. Early morning gives a longer time and more opportunities. For example, When you wake up in the morning.

Above all, You have a sharp idea about what to do,

when to do, and how to do it. If you wake up late, you will be a lot weaker. You have less time for preparation, less motivation to stay active. As we also know, the proverb saying, “Early to bed and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

06 Take a look at your body weight

The covid-19 situation shows that Physical and mental health is a very important topic to be focused on.

 As a result, we all have to be focused and be positive that a bad day will go and a good day will come. That’s why we all need to stay focused on our job, our future, our career, our health, our lifestyle and help each other to overcome the situation. Most importantly, take a look at your body weight.

07 Avoid high protein meat

High protein meat or RED MEAT contains more fat and more cholesterol. Such protein not only.

Harmful to our body but also causes several diseases by absorbing fat inside cells. High blood pressure, heart disease, high blood sugar, etc. are very common outcome with this food. High protein can build a body, but an excess amount of protein can clot inside so the body which becomes fat afterward. so During this pandemic, avoiding high protein meat is also a critical point to stay so safe and healthy.

08 Do some meditation and yoga to calm your mind and stay focused

To maintain this, we all have to remember that.

For example, we need a stable and focused brain to deal with all nuisance that comes in our way. most importantly Meditation or yoga. Firstly, improves mental and physical strength. Secondly, build body and mind. Above all, daily meditation helps to set your goal, realizes about your future expectation from you, and build the way to develop yourself and teach you to stay calm. One can try the Silva method to make himself motivated and there is a lot of yoga style that one can follow.

09 Don’t stay in one place all the long try to move

When you are at home,

a normal brain tells me that proper name. As a result, takes an excellent position and there has a tourist inside. So you who wants to roam around the world. But in this current situation that calls pandemic, our home is our office, our home is our Garden, our home is our everything to do all the things we do normally outside.

As a result,

you always make yourself in Run. However, It may sound crazy. For example, you can do it safely by staying in one place all a long time. Simple household work is an efficient treatment for removing this boredom. To clarify, Even you can try to do some exercise that will develop yourself. In addition, you can maintain yourself to a healthy life.

10 Try to build some new skills and make yourself busy

Learning new stuff is always exciting and challenging.

At present situation, as staying home is better than going out, we need to utilize this particular time. Meanwhile, learning new skills and making new hobbies, we can make ourselves better and use the time properly.

To achieve your goals, be focused.

develop a new skill, spent time on learning. moreover, Your passion will always bring joy to you and can fight depression, frustration, and all the negativity. If you want to develop your IT skills, you can also learn a programming language like Python, Java, Ruby, etc. Web development like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress can be great for beginners. Some online learning places. for instance, YouTube, udemy, skillshare, clicknup are great sources for starters.

Extra Tips for all of my friends

Try to remember all those things in your daily life.

In addition, you will get a great opportunity after this covid-19 situation. Thank you for reading our blog. Take a look at our other blocks and let us know. In other words, how you feel about the blog in the comment section. Thank you.

Above all, keep learning and be hungry to learn.

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